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Military Inflatable Tent

We supply commercial-grade and military-grade inflatable tent with double-reinforced technology. Our airBeam shelters are durable, safe, and rapid deployment. They are widely used for army, field field hospital, etc. We provide various size options to meet your needs of inflatable shelters. 4mx8m, 5x10m, 8x10m, etc. If you are looking for best army medical tents or Military Tents, we are the right one you need. We can finish large bulk Military Medical Tents with your design in short time. Our inflatable tents can be used for Emergency Field Hospital, Mobile Field Hospitals. Large production capacity is available.

Inflatable Camping Tent

The inflatable camping tent has been more and more popular in families' camping events. The inflatable function makes it more convenient and easy to store in one small bag. Inflatable tents can be set up quickly using an air pump. They are also more lightweight than traditional tents. Compared with metal frames, inflatable tube frames can be more stable and secure.

The entire tent is supported by inflatable tubes. The tubes can be TPU or PVC material. Thickened polyester cotton fabric or Oxford cloth can be used based on your needs.Unlike automatic tents with pole, the air tubes can never break in windy places. With mesh vent window,
According to different shape of inflatable camping tents, it has several types

  • House camping tent
  • Bell camping tent
  • Yurt camping tent
  • Tunnel camping Tent
  • Teepee camping Tent
  • Ball type Tent

2-4 Camping Tent

Glamping Camping Tent

Inflatable Bell Tent

Inflatable Tunnel Tent

Middle East Inflatable Tent

Inflatable Yurt Tent

Inflatable Dome Tent

Inflatable House Tent


With high-density mesh at the door and windows, it can ensure good air circulation and protection from insects.
The PVC inflatable tube is durable to support the tent, and not break easily.
The enforced wind rope webbing can ensure the wholesale tent is stable in windy environments.
The three-dimensional design allows you to adjust it according to your needs.
In inclusion, This inflatable camping tent is the perfect choice for anyone who loves the outdoors. With just a few seconds, this tent will be inflated and ready to use.

Inflatable Rooftop Tent

We design new inflatable rooftop tent with a lighter weight and smaller packing size than regular car roof top tents. It can spare more space for your car.

Inflatable rooftop tents are more stable in the windy environment than regular car tents with pole support. The inflatable tubes make it safe and bring more durable support. It can be inflated in just minutes using an air pump. Regular car tents with pole support require more effort.

The windows with mesh protect people from mosquitoes and make air through. People can enjoy the night sky through the top window of the tent. The space is prepared for 2-3 people.

Other Car Tent

Car tents are a convenient way to camp on the go. There are several types of car tents available with different features and benefits.

Tailgate Tents attach to the back of your car or truck and provide a covered area for tailgating or camping. These tents are ideal for outdoor events because they provide shade and protection from the sun, rain, wind, and other elements.

Soft Roof Top Tents are made from fabric that attaches to the roof of your car or truck. They are easy to set up and take down, and provide a comfortable sleeping space with a soft fabric roof. They are ideal for camping trips in the summer.

Hardshell Roof Top Tents have a hard outdoor shell on top, usually with fabric walls. They provide weather protection and are simple to set up and disassemble and are suitable for all seasons.

Car side awning is a shader mounted on the roof rack of your vehicle that allows you to cover a larger or smaller area near your car for camping or other outdoor activities. They are ideal for cooking and eating outdoors

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Inflatable X Tent

The inflatable X tents are often used at festivals, outdoor exhibitions, sports events, indoor exhibitions, and parties. Advertising inflatable tent has 4 inflatable legs. It can be enclosed with detachable side panels. The canopy/roof, legs, and side walls can be printed with your own brand/design using heat transfer printing. The waterproof and durable material allows the inflatable x tent to stand for a long time. The inflatable canopy tent with LED lights would be a perfect option for nighttime events. The over-pressure valve, YKK Zipper, and TPU bladder stabilize the inflatable tent.
We provide various diameter ranges of inflatable X-tents (Inflatable Promotional Tent) from 3 to 12 meters. If you are looking for a various activities Custom Inflatable Tent supplier, please look into our customization services. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional custom Inflatable Dome Tent.

width "X“ (m)
length “Y” (m)
height “Z” (m)
Covered area (m2)1523324660
Weight (kg)3640506880
Set up time (min)810152025

Inflatable Event Tent

Inflatable Air Tent

Outdoor Inflatable Tent

Inflatable Tent For Party

Inflatable Dome Tents

Custom Air Tent

Custom Inflatable Tents

Inflatable Dome Canopy

Inflatable V Tent

The promotional inflatable V tents are a popular choice for outdoor advertising and events due to their eye-catching design. Simple designs always refresh people’s memory. The air tents can be customized with graphics to promote a brand or event. A custom air tent is a great marketing tool. Moloy inflatable event tents are available in a range of sizes and styles. It's easy to set up the inflatable canopy tent. The durable material and structure make the promotional air tent more stable. They can be easily packed up and transported in a small bag. Moloy can provide all Tent accessories: Carry bag, Hand pump, Blower, Stakes, Sandbag, Over-pressure valve, LED light, Anchoring line, and Valve. If you have advertising or other requirements, don't hesitate to contact us TODAY!

Inflatable V Tent

Inflatable Advertising Tent

Custom Canopy Tent

Advertising Canopy Tent

Inflatable U Tent

Inflatable U Tent is an innovative way for indoor/outdoor exhibitions or trade show events. The unique shape and customizable graphics are sure to stand out and attract attention. The roof and side walls are made from 400D dacron material that is fire-retardant and waterproof. TPU bladder is environment-friendly. Quick setup makes it easy to use. Durable materials and structure make the inflatable canopy tent last a long time in rainy or windy weather. It is a good branding solution for new products, campaigns, and sponsorship.

The air tent can be also used as an inflatable gazebo tent on a boat/yacht.

Whether you're showcasing outdoor and camping gear, sports and fitness equipment, automotive accessories, or any other services, Moloy Inflatable U Air Tent is the perfect way to make a lasting impression. Contact us today to learn more.

Inflatable U Tent

Inflatable Boat Tent

Air Awnings

Inflatable Awnings

Inflatable Spider Tent

Inflatable spider tents are unique air tents that can be used for a variety of events and promotional activities. These promotional tents feature multiple legs like a spider-like which provide stability and support. The promotion tents can also be enclosed with detachable side panels. The main material is waterproof Oxford. Inflatable canopy tents can be fully printed with custom graphics or logos. An inflatable spider dome tent can be built with led lighting & music for parties. The size can be from 3x3m to 15x15m for different purposes. If you need some inflatable advertising tents to promote brands or events, kindly please contact us. [email protected]

Inflatable Event Tent

Inflatable Spider Tents

Inflatable Promotional Tent

Inflatable Canopy Tent