Custom Surfboard Manufacturer

Catch the perfect wave with our custom surfboards!

  • Bulk Custom-made solid surfboards with your unique designs and branding.
  • Personalized graphics, logos, and color schemes to match your brand identity.
  • Crafted with precision for custom surfboard durability and performance.
  • Large production capabilities to handle bulk orders for wholesalers.
  • Strict quality control to ensure each rigid surfboard meets industry standards.
  • Work closely with purchasing managers and brand owners to bring the solid paddle board visions to reality.

What We Do

Moloy Sports has rich experience in manufacturing solid custom surfboard and solid paddle boards. Custom surfboard includes Shortboard (Boards up to 6'5"), Mid-Size surfboards (Boards up to 8'0"), Longboard (Boards up to 9'2"). Also, we supply wake surfboards for those who enjoy wake surfing. The high-level surfers always choose hard shortboards. The short surfboards are known for their agility and responsiveness. Mid-size surfboards offer a versatile balance between agility and stability. Mid-size board is ideal for intermediate surfers looking to progress.

We also offer solid paddle boards for SUPers. Solid SUP boards include fiberglass paddleboards and soft-top surfboard/SUP boards. Our EPS surfboard and PU paddle boards are also designed for different ages and skill levels. 

Expand your business with the best surfboards. Inquire today for exclusive deals on bulk custom orders.

Solid Surfboard

Moloy is committed to providing high quality custom surfboard products. We manufacture wakesurf boards and solid surfboard and strive to bring great quality. Made of durable EPS core and slick HDPE high speed bottom. It is a strong and responsive bottom layer that adds glide and gives maximum board speed. The surfboard has durable foam top, EPE deck, EPS core and PP hard slick bottom. 5.6 Foot or customized size.  The custom surfboards are made of Superior Grade EPS Core with 3x epoxy set marine-ply stringers HDPE. 

Solid Paddle Boards

Moloy Sports offers custom hard paddle boards including EPS paddleboards and soft-top SUPs. EPS SUP board structure is EPS Foam+fiberglass+ epoxy resin. If you want Inflatable paddle boards, please click here.

Solid SUP Boards

Hard Paddle Board

Fiberglass Paddleboard

Soft-top SUP Board

Custom Surfboard Production Process

Moloy Sports offers custom solid paddle boards including fiberglass paddleboards and soft-top SUPs.

Build Blanks

Choose PU or EPS foam as the core of the basic building block. Glue stringer between block foam. The stringer provides rigidity to the board.

Shaping Surfboard

Grinding the outer skin of the blank and cutting the outline. Sanded out to smoothen the surface and make it a finer finish.

Laminating Board

Use transfer printing or a separate layer to add patterns or logo. Add layers of fiberglass cloth over the surface of board to make it more rigid.

Glassing Surfboard

Add laminating resin over the fiberglass. Using a coat of gloss resin and rubbed, polished, and buffed to give the board glossy finish.

Advantage of MOLOY Solid Surfboard

We use premium materials and advanced technology to make bulk solid SUP boards and surfboards. Every step is checked by our QC colleagues. End customers can get the best performance on water with Moloy hard surfboard.

Factory Direct

We carry a wide range of solid paddle boards and surfboards. Large capacity lower the total cost. You can get the best price on market.

Custom Design

Work closely with our expert craftsman to create your unique customized EPS paddle boards with your graphics design and shape.

Matte and Glossy

We can create custom matte finish or glossy finish for hard SUP and surfboards. It's potential to expand your market.

100% Check

To ensure high level of surfboards, the 100% inspection starts from material to final packaging. Every step is checked by QC colleagues.

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    Custom Surfboard FAQ Quide

    1Can I provide my own design for the surfboard or solid paddle boards?
    Absolutely! The design of the board will be decided by you. We encourage customers to bring their unique designs to the SUP.
    2What is the average production time for custom surfboards?
    Production times will be based on the complexity of the design and order quantity. However, most of bulk boards can be finished in one month.
    3Is there a minimum order quantity for wholesale purchases?
    Solid surfboards start from 10sets. The more you purchase, the better prices you can get.
    4How do you ensure the quality of the surfboards?
    Quality is our priority. We check at every stage of the production process to ensure each surfboard meets our high standards.